Monday, October 5, 2009

Tech Crunch Interviewed Bremen BCI in CeBit 2008

John Biggs from Tech Crunch made an interview with us, the BrainRobot research group from IAT Uni Bremen. Brendan Allison, as the leader of our group, explained many things about Bremen Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) in the CeBit 2008 event.

Here is a video about applications of Bremen SSVEP BCI for spelling and for moving robot.

You can see me for a couple of seconds. Yes, me with the long hair. I was too busy with preparing a subject to enter the Matrix. A subject wanted to participate in spelling experiment then.


  1. Moving without moving has been a trick leaning heavily on imagined movements. Lucid dreaming seemed a break through though somewhat challenging and there has been no follow up. The paralyzed cut to the chase and go straight to the source.

    1. Dream is too complex for the brain computer interface nowadays.