Monday, October 5, 2009

The Next Uri Geller in CeBit 2008

In CeBit 2008, in Hannover, the IAT from Uni Bremen were placed in some corner. It is quite a convenient place. People went around passing that corner. That is the reason we could get 106 subjects in a week.

This video shows how I tested the spelling program before doing experiment with random subjects. You will see the stimulator with 5 flickering boxes: Left, Right, Up, Down and Select. In the middle, there are letters which we can choose to build a word. The hardwares used are notebook, EEG amplifier called g.USBamp from Guger Technologies, EEG electrodes and EEG cap. The news can be seen in Science Blogs.

Link: The next REAL Uri Geller

FYI, Uri Geller is a mentalist who like to bend spoons. He is famous in Germany.
And The Next Uri Geller is a TV show in Germany.

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