Saturday, October 3, 2009

The first neuron

Hello, world!

This is my blog about Brain and I just made the first writing to introduce my blog.

I am Ignatius Sapto Condro Atmawan Bisawarna. People call me "Condro". I participate in the brain research in Bremen since 2008 (or maybe end of 2007). I am a master student in the University of Bremen. There, we have an institute called IAT and a research group called BrainRobot.

End of 2007, I helped a friend putting EEG cap and gel on the head. My friend is Indar Sugiarto. He was doing his project about stimulator for SSVEP using monitor of a desktop PC and a laptop. I think it is the beginning of my participation in the Bremen brain research.


EEG is Electroencephalogram or Electroencephalography.
SSVEP is Steady-state visually evoked potential.


In March 2008, BrainRobot and I went to CeBit Hannover. In a week, we got more than 100 subjects participating in SSVEP-based BCI research. We have spelling application and the subjects should spell some words using their EEG.


BCI is Brain-Computer Interface.


In November 2008, I started my master project "Final Preparation of the CeBit Data". In 2009, I finished the project and started fixing thesis topic in this area. Now, I have made up my mind and the topic is "Improvement of Response Times of SSVEP-based Brain-Computer Interface". I will do some computing related to Time Series Analysis.

While doing thesis, I made these blog and hoping the AdSense can give me money.

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