Monday, November 16, 2009

Brain-Computer Interface definition, Allison et al, 2008

"Brain-computer interface (BCI) systems are devices that allow people to communicate without moving. Instead, direct measures of brain activity are translated into messages or commands."

From the paper:
B. Allison, I. Volosyak, T. Lüth, D. Valbuena, I. Sugiarto, M.A. Spiegel, A. Teymourian, I.S. Condro, A. Brindusescu, K. Stenzel, H. Cecotti and A. Gräser. 2008. "BCI Demographics I: How many (and what kinds of) people can use an SSVEP BCI?". Proc. 4th International Brain-computer Interface Workshop and Training Course. Graz, Austria, September 18th-21st. pp 333-338.

They are all from Institute of Automation (IAT), University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany.

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