Wednesday, November 25, 2009

About IBM Cat Brain

My previous post is about IBM Brain Simulator. It turns out that there is still hot discussion about whether it can simulate brain activity or not, as written on an article in Spectrum IEEE.

The IBM Brain Simulator can model the neurons, the synapses and the connectivity of them. It is true that the numbers of neurons and so on are equal to cat's brain or human visual cortex. But one researcher of EPFL Blue Brain, Henry Makram disagreed with the method that IBM Brain Simulator from Almaden's lab used to model the synapses. Henry Makram questioned why ion channeling in the synapses was not modeled in the Almaden's cat brain simulator.

In my opinion, It is already a break-through to model neuronal connectivity. To model the synapses functionality for each connectivity is really hard job. It will take more processors and consume more energy than just 1.4 MW.

My interess is to combine brain simulator and brain-computer interface to create a quasi-telepathic between human and computer. I don't really care which brain model they use: the IBM Almaden's or the EPFL Blue Brain's.

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