Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mind Reading Technology: the Mailing List

Can BCI be used for reading your mind?
The Germans would say "Jain" (Ja und Nein - Yes and No).

Yes, we can get your brainwave with EEG scanner and then recognize some patterns from the signals. We can also see wonderful 2D, 3D and "4D" patterns with MRI.

As a "Neuroscientist wannabe", I have been to a seminar showing that some phonemes can be "extracted" from EEG signals. So you don't have to move tongue and make a speech, the action of just thinking about a speech can be read by a machine. Scientists (Neuroscientists, Neurolinguists, and Engineers) have been doing this research. Maybe in the next 30 years, how the brain processes language can be interpreted by machine.

Human mind is so complex. Machine cannot really "read" your mind. Computers are able to read the patterns of brain signals. Only a few information from the human "mind" that can be extracted by machine.

I have found a mailing list in Yahoogroups which discuss mind reading technology. OK, it is not really a discussion. It is a monologue. Only one man posts and the other are just interested in reading the informations inside.

The site address:

The list has a link to some websites about mind "reading" technology.

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