Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Improvement of Response Times in SSVEP-based Brain-Computer Interface

Starting on December 10th, 2009, I have a master thesis. The thesis should be submitted on May 27th, 2010. The presentation will be conducted in June (I hope).

The title of thesis is "Improvement of Response Times in SSVEP-based Brain-Computer Interface".

The supervisors are
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing Axel Gräser
  • Dr.-Ing. Ivan Volosyak
  • Thorsten Lüth, Dipl.-Ing
The thesis is conducted in the Institute of Automation (IAT) at the University of Bremen.
The research group is no longer called BrainRobot. The name is now BRAIN, which stands for Brain-computer interfaces with Rapid Automated Interfaces for Nonexperts.
Yes, it is funded by European Union. We want to keep up with all research groups in the USA (and Canada) and in the Asia Pasific (China, Japan, Korea, etc).

Back to my thesis!
The proposed question behind the thesis is whether we can improve response times of our system in detecting SSVEP patterns from a subject. We can say that I want to make Bremen BCI system (a little bit) faster than before. I am using time-series manipulation algorithm to do so.

More details will be told in other blog posts.

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